Creating Powerful Sales Teams
Sales Consulting Firm - hiring and training a better sales team.


Jim Kidd is a sales coach who can help your company build a better sales team through sales assessments, sales skills IQ tests and consultative services. Your company will learn to use the DISC Assessment to better communicate to customers.

Sales consulting to improve communication skills and drive skills, build and train a better sales team through sales managementnt consuliting

Build the highest performing sales team with
Jim Kidd Sales Coach. 

See at least a 27% increase in sales.

This happens when each team member: 

  • Matches communication styles with their customers so that sales conversations are in sync—making them infinitely more effective

  • Understands their own primary, natural communication style

  • Is able to quickly identify their customers' communication styles

Take the Guesswork Out of Sales

Take the Taking Flight with DISC assessment to identify your sales communication style and adapt to your buyers using four colorful and memorable birds as your visual teachers.

When you know your sales communication style and adapt it with your customers' buying styles you are treating customers the way they want to be treated.

A consultant for sales skills and development.

What is Your Communication Style?

Some are movers and shakers, others influencers, helpers or analyzers. We all vary in our communication style. Get your Sales DISC assessment tool to find out.



What Jim Does for You

Jim will help you coach your team to great sales performance with sales communication assessments and sales skills IQ test. His assessments and consultation services will empower you to build the best sales team and increase sales by 27%. 

He will assess, analyze, and consult with each member of your sales team to ensure their sales communications succeed.


Sales Consulting & Assessments

Jim will assess your natural communication style and consult with you to recognize your buyers' preferred method of communication. Then teach you to adapt your style to sync with their communication styles. 


Build better communication skills

You will learn predictable aspects of communication and develop unique sales skills to gain a competitive advantage. 


Improve sales outcomes

Consultation services will help you to motivate your team members by optimizing their sales communication skills. This will act as a guide and tool throughout the 5 steps of selling. 


What Is the Advantage?

Does knowing how to communicate with your customers' buying styles really make a difference?

You bet it does! Big time.

Here is what sales consulting will do for you and your team: 

Increase sales by 75% by improving communication skills through sales assessments and sales consulting.

Gain a competitive sales advantage.

Are you losing up to 75% of your audience because you use only your natural communication style? Connect with the other 75%. Implement Taking Flight with DISC communications skills now!

Identify sales skills and improve sales skills through assessment and consulting to help you identify your strengths and weaknesses.

 Identify your sales skill strengths and weaknesses.

Using scientifically validated assessment tools will  improve your performance. Today’s buying decisions are made by 5 or more committee members. Become skilled to effectively handle each communication style. 

Sales Managers can improve their sales team and sales outcomes through sales assessments that improve communication styles and sales consulting to help understand communication style of decision makers.

Increase leadership skills

By assessing your team’s individual sales
communication skills you will have the data to coach them to greater success. Ensure your team can communicate effectively with each customer's buying style?


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