Creating Powerful Sales Teams
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Jim Kidd is an expert sales coach who teaches sales professionals how to effectively communicate with customers using all four human behavior communications styles. Jim has 31 years of sales, sales management, sales coaching and business experience. Using specialized sales assessment tools, Jim will grow your team.


Jim Kidd Sales Coach

Sales Consulting & Assessments

Founder, Jim Kidd, is an expert at teaching sales professionals how to communicate effectively with all four human behavior communication styles and to use that communication skill throughout the five steps of the sales process. Learning this skill will allow you to prosper beyond your wildest dreams. Jim’s team will assess your sales team communication styles, analyze the data, share the results with each sales person and consult with the sales leadership on how to implement this new sales performance skill.

You will benefit greatly from his 31 years of sales, sales management, sales coaching, and business experience. Jim has a passion for sharing his knowledge and he guarantees your satisfaction.


Beyond Assessments

The key to assessments is sales coaching. Jim Kidd Sales Coach takes sales skills assessments a step further. We follow up with a consultation to assess skill type and communication style. Then we train you, the manager, to use this information. Together, we will interpret and understand to correctly leveraging the information to start conversations internally and create an environment that guides valuable decisions based on the insights.




Increase Sales Success: You can relax when you know your sales team is competent and skilled. 

Verbal Communication Simplification: Using the results of the assessments and sales coaching, sales managers can help their employees boost confident and use essential skills to communicate effectively. 

Gauge skills and abilities that are hard to measure in resumes and interviews: Skills like dependability, excitability, assertiveness, and more. 

Train Managers: Coaching will train managers to hire and train the best candidates by ensuring they are able to train using different styles of communication. Managers won't have to hire and train based on a hunch. 

Scale your hiring workflow: Using assessments will allow your organization to interview dozens of qualified candidates in much less time. 

Communicate for impact: Your employees will know how to utilize their skills. They'll master communication style with customers to drive sales.